STP11 flange series pilot operated diaphragm type stainless steel two-way two-way normally closed type

Features: 2/2way pilot operated diaphragm normally closed typeConnection size: NBR rubber EPDM-fluoro rubber - specific material0-16bar (maximum withstand pressure 20bar)Flow path 15-50mmSuitable for

Features: 2/2way pilot operated diaphragm normally closed type
Connection size: NBR rubber EPDM-fluoro rubber - specific material
0-16bar (maximum withstand pressure 20bar)
Flow path 15-50mm
Suitable for water, air, water vapor, light oil, natural gas, etc.
Detachable repair
Provide IP65 three-pole connector in accordance with UNI ISO 4400 (DIN 43650A) / lead connection / explosion-proof coil

General characteristics
Body materialStainless steel(SUS304 outstrip DN65)
Sealing materialNBREPDMVITON
Insulation gradeH
Voltage 220-230VAC 50-60Hz 100-120VAC 60Hz 12- 24DC
Ambient temperature -10℃-80℃
InstallationInstalled according to the flow direction of the valve body, to improve the life and reliability, install it horizontal upward is best
ConnectionThe standard is G, and the thread requirements such as NPT can be selected.
Voltage fluctuation±10%
Can be equipped with coil B11/B31/B32

Specification sheet (Flange interface)
Flow aperturemmKVvaluem³/hMinimum pressurePressure difference(BAR)Maximum working pressureModel(voltage is 220v)X=N or E or VWeightKg
Air, gasWater, liquidLight oil
152.10.3161616161313STP11- 15F - 42 X1.8
205.70.3161616161313STP11- 20F - 52 X2
259.60.3161616161313STP11- 25F - 62 X2.9
32220.3161616161313STP11- 32F - 72 X5.1
40270.3161616161313STP11- 40F - 82X6.1
50350.3161616161313STP11- 50F - 92 X8.2
65430.3161616161313STP11- 65F - A2 X15.2
80560.3161616161313STP11- 80F - B2 X18
100680.3161616161313STP11- 100F - C2 X23.5

STP11- 15F - 42 X134132110584-1485172
STP11- 20F - 52 X160152135744-18100187
STP11- 25F - 62 X134132110584-1485160
STP11- 32F - 72 X160152135744-18100175
STP11- 40F - 82X160152145844-18110180
STP11- 50F - 92 X200162160884-18125207
STP11- 65F - A2 X2501931851184-18145250
STP11- 80F - B2 X2701932021344-18160262
STP11- 100F- C2 X3422132221628-18180287